The Hateful Mind

The hateful mind, a mind that hates. A mind that claims hatred toward others, or things, or topics; is an elementary concept of human behavior. From a purely philosophical standpoint, hate is a meritless emotion. It implies ignorance from the mere mention of its name. Surely, hatred has no place in any serious study of one’s personal human growth, or expansion of our own consciousness. It can only be viewed as a barrier toward one’s own progress.

However, if that is all true, why am I wasting my time on hate by writing about it ? Well, ashamedly, we are surrounded by hatred in this country right now. A hatred fueled by the flames of a spitfire president and far too many other factors to list cohesively. With the recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia where Neo-Nazi groups and members of the KKK, and their affiliated thugs and scumbags rallied with tiki-torches and machine guns to protest the removal of a statue depicting Civil War Confederate General, Robert E. Lee, I find myself perplexed and searching for some resolution or assurance. However, there can be no understanding for me ,without introspection… I digress.

The mind is not the brain. I’ll say it again, the human mind, is certainly not a part our reptilian brain. No, the mind is a separate construct; it’s that intangible place where our consciousness lives, breathes, and exists. If these protestors were walking around based on pure brain function, their swastikas would fall to the ground, and their Nazi (actually Roman) salutes would cease to rise from their faulty hands. Therefore, the mind gives purpose to motor function. It houses intent; it holds within it… belief, or some system thereof. My point being , these losers are conscious of their hatred, and their intent is absolute and contrived, be there no doubt about this .

Now, with all that considered, what is actually running through the mind of a white supremacist? Can it be known? Do we care what these racists think at all? (No!) Can we actually decipher a belief system where hatred lies in the fiber and fabric of said system? While I can’t purport to answer these questions directly, I’d like to propose a hypothesis…

The very DNA of all hate groups relies and feeds on the basis that their members do not BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES. A band of Nazi’s is nothing on their own. Not without those symbols on their sleeves, those horrid flags and clunky boots, that sloppy display of organized thought. The hatred spewing from their mouths almost sideways; spills from them with a shallow sense of confidence as long as their ignorant brothers and sisters stand beside them.

The low self-esteem of a single hate group member must permeate the very ground they walk on alone. They’ve developed such a backward construct of basic human interaction, compassion, and decency. Their ideals are exacerbated by symbolism that’s deeply rooted in the history of hatred. They covet their precious Nazi artifacts, and KKK hoods, and clutch onto their ignorance by banding together. In doing so, their ignorance has never been as annoyingly loud as now. An ignorance that’s caused bloodshed, and murder. They so desperately scream out to the world that they will amount to nothing on their own, so they have banded with other like-minded ignorant racists to feel a part of something. To show a stronger front then they’d be capable of alone.

The twisted ideals of these groups are not even their own. They praise Nazi German history, for its mere symbolic appeal as if this justifies their ignorance and their expression of hatred in some way. They disrespect the estimated 4.3 million Germans that died as a result of Hitler’s backward belief system. They disrespect the nearly 6 million Jews and the 9 million other victims of the Holocaust. They disrespect the nearly 420,000 of their fellow Americans that died fighting to protect them from the same brand of hatred that they’re currently practicing.

The bottom line is, the small-minded, shallow, weak, and vulnerable psyche of these members is not simply an expression of political viewpoints. These white supremacist groups cannot be compared to groups that grew out of pure rebellion. Such as, the Black Panther Party which began in the U.S. in the 1960’s to police African-American neighborhoods to protect from police brutality. Nor can these groups be compared to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) which grew out of nearly the identical issue more than 50 years later.

There are no “two-sides” to this argument. There are racists hate groups, and there is everyone else.
So what are we to do? Delete every hateful person from our friends list? (Check) However, this surely isn’t a permanent solution. What am I to do, when I see these militias wearing military gear, when they have never served a single day in the service? Do you understand how infuriating it is for me, a combat Veteran of the Iraq War who served this county, to see these babbling idiots holding a flag that has both the stars & stripes and a Swastika sewn into it? This is purely disgusting. This is hatred, there is no argument. Remaining silent, shows your true colors here. Choosing to say nothing is not a “cautionary procedure” at this point. I digress… I.e. SAY SOMETHING!

Also, don’t for a second believe that this protest has anything to do with that statue, or with “southern pride.” Guess what ? I have family down south , North Carolina to be exact, I split my time between there and New York for most of my adolescent life. I know that southern pride has nothing to do with racism , and everything to do with heritage, kindness, and an appreciation for the southern pace of life. I find it beyond disrespectful that these hate groups came from all over the county and invaded the sleepy and beautiful town of Charlottesville only to smear their hateful rhetoric across the city and leave bloodshed in their rear view. This wasn’t about the south , the civil war , some statue, no. This was an excuse to get on TV and spread their hatred, plain and simple. Which has been further amplified and …. dare I say encouraged , by the President. I digress…

Back to the mind we go. In our ever expanding quest for consciousness, insight, and self-improvement. I would advise these hateful wastes of life to sit in a room alone, collect any thoughts that may come to them, and then ask themselves where those thoughts came from. Just sit, quietly in that room alone and ponder the origins of your thoughts. Then, decide for yourself if any single, solitary, belief or area of wonderment is actually derived from your own natural curiosity, or has it been manufactured for you; by those just as weak as you express yourself to be with your hatred. If you can think of nothing original than what has been programmed into you, then ask yourself if you truly want to go on hating your entire life. It must seem simple, as the choice to hate, is inherently simple, and requires little effort, doesn’t it? Not much basis is needed to hate an entire race or group of people is it?

I hope you can find the strength to be yourself one day, I really do; you ignorant waste of sperm. Do not dare call yourself an American, you no longer are. You have joined a terrorist organization that attacks the American people and embodies beliefs entirely foreign and unacceptable to our way of life. So put those guns down little boys, we have a military to do that for you. In fact, people like me, who served in the Marine Corps are the very reason you can march around with your little arm patches and tiki torches like you’re looking for Frankenstein.

Learn to use your mind for something other than to just thoughtlessly agree with the like-minded around you. Lastly, it’s 2017, we’ve no space for Nazi/KKK, white supremacists in our American society. So now, it’s time for you to “get the fuck out.”