I Will

I will develop the simplest mind. I will effortlessly enter into , and stay inside a state of supreme mental calmness and control. I will reach a point in my personal development where my mental state can sync with my physical movement. Once I’ve achieved such a state , I’ll be completely aware of my external surroundings by means of being fully in touch with the internal awareness of my soul. In this state I will not need eyes to see , nor ears to hear. In this state I will be formless in a solid body.

When I meditate, I do not simply want to empty the mind of all thoughts by dismissing them. I will acknowledge those thoughts for their presence and then send them on their way if they should choose to leave me. I will disconnect from these thoughts and pay closer attention to the light that is entering me through my breath which then flows into my soul and leaves through my head upon exhale.

I will, through my fitness efforts, connect my mind to my body in every movement I make. I will practice mediation in motion so that my state of clarity can be with me at all times. I will practice compound exercises to make my body strong under pressure. I will also practice varying types of isometrics with weights such as Yielding Isometric and Overcoming Isometric exercises. I will make every effort to move my body in connection with my mind. I will not remain seated for hours on end. I will jump rope, sprint, cycle, walk, climb stairs, box jump,stretch, lift, use my bodyweight as a force to fight against, and practice my Bo Staff at every opportunity. I will generate explosive internal force that can he conjured in times of need as a means of expression.

I will create opportunity for my development even when none such opportunity perceivably exist. I will use my active meditative practice not as a way to go into myself, but to connect to the world around me. I will recognize the fluidity of life itself and flow of power running through myself and all things. I will help others at every opportunity and not dismiss those relationships which tend to sour quickly based on past experiences. I will speak to, and more importantly listen to those around me, regardless of who they may be. 

I will take care of my loved ones as my first and truest duty on this earth. I will never place myself above them, only in a protective matter necessary to their safety. I will love with every fiber of my being to the fullest extent possible.

I will develop my philosophical practice by many means while keeping in mind that a true philosophy can only come from within. I will remember that my philosophical beliefs are based on certain ultimate truths that I’ve succeeded in  convincing myself of, yet those too may be false. I will not be a sponge for other’s thoughts and practices. While I will take and assess their knowledge for my self, I will not allow their way of life to be a practice for myself. I will adopt no one else’s style no matter how appealing. Although, through a study of their lives and beliefs I may adopt certain ways of thought that best accompany me based on their influences, and those influences effect on my ultimate truths.

I will shy away from “ultimate solutions” as none such exist in the natural world. I will keep in mind that life’s way and nature’s way is to sustain, fulfill, and create even more life. I will be cognizant of the fact that things are getting better around me all the time, and that any belief to the contrary is a fool worthy perception. I will constantly remind myself that what I believe about my self, my body, and even about the world around me is ultimately what I shall become.

I will develop myself to the greatest degree possible, not just for myself, but for the world, as previously mentioned that it is life’s inherit nature to sustain, fulfill and create more life. Lastly, I will acknowledge anger, and fear, anxiety, and self-doubt as thoughts arising within me. I will not dismiss these thoughts as a superficial means to survive my day. I will treat these thoughts as any thought in my meditation; by acknowledging the thought, allowing it to speak its peace, and then releasing it from my headspace if it should choose to leave me.

Lastly, I will constantly return and improve upon this doctrine whenever I feel an improvement can be made.